BRIGITTE|GER|april 2011
Aschön scarf "Oceania_3"

DIVA|A|march 2011
Aschön scarf "Splash Colours"

Aschön scarf "Lime Splash"

LE BON MARCHĒ Christmas Catalogue|FR|december 2010
PABO'S portraits scarves limited edition exclusively at the Galerie Imaginaire, Bon Marché Paris.

JALOUSE|FR|december 2010
Featuring Aschön limited edition scarves by PABO at the Le Bon Marché Paris.

HIGHSNOBETTE|USA|november 2010
"We featured a the newly launched scarf collection by Berlin’s Aschön last year. Now in their second year, enjoy a preview of our favorites from Mila Micic and Claus Arnold’s Spring 2011 assortment titled “Kelp Garden,” featuring their unique prints as well as a collaboration of portraits with artist Pabo on the next page."

THEFADER|USA|november 2010
Aschoen Finds Beauty in Murky Waters by Deidre Dyer
"We’ve seen all of the funny faces they’ve made in the past, but the latest line from Mila Micic and Claus Arnold, the Berlin duo behind Aschoen, takes their scarves in a more fluid direction."
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ZITTY Shopping Guide 2010/2011|GER|Cover|october 2010
Aschön Scarf "Splash Colours"

CRAWFORD magazine

CRAWFORD MAGAZINE|GR|Cover|august 2010
Aschön Scarf "Punk"

Aschön Scarf "Splash Colours"

GALA|GER|june 2010
Aschön Scarf "Geometrix"


BLONDE|GER|june 2010
Aschön Scarf "Neon Bird"

THEFADER|USA|june 2010
Aschoen Makes New Faces by Chioama Nnadi
"The new spring 2010 collection continues with those visage splattered silks, although this time street artist PABO seems to have turned his easel towards folks closer to home."
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SPEX|GER|issue 325|march|april 2010
Aschön Scarf| PABO's Special Edition "Maëlle"

TUSH|GER|issue 04|09|december 2009
Aschön Scarf "Blue Bird"|"Black Raven"|"White Black Feather"

JC Report|july 2009
Aschön Reinvents The Scarf

"Inspired by the contradicting charm of Berlin, where futuristic lines co-exist with vintage details, Aschön gives an edgy, contemporary perspective to an elegant lady’s most beloved accessory."
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NEON|july 2009
Aschön Scarf "White Blue Feather"|"White Black Feather"

Style & The Family Tunes|may 2009
Aschön Scarf "White Blue Feather"


ELLE|august 2009
Aschön Scarves
|Designer Mila Micic creates a line for today's economic climate
"Wearing something cozy and supportive makes me feel safe." more...

Zitty|june 2009
Aschön Scarf "White Blue Feather"|"Neon Bird"

The Closet|november 2009